Take your involvement to the next level!

Benefits of being in the SGA Class:

  • Great way to get involved at school
  • Learn & strengthen your leadership skills
  • Help plan and organize school & community events including homecoming, pep rally, Lightning Oscars, Harvest Drive, Dance Marathon, etc.
  • Officer & other leadership opportunities
  • Earn service hours
  • Meet new people & make new friends
  • Looks great on college resumes

Cypress Bay Student Application Process:

  1. Download and complete the Leadership Application (see right for link)
  2. Submit application online and recommendation form by Friday, March 13th.  If you are an incoming 9th grader, you will submit a 8th grade application online.  See below.
  3. Make sure to select the proper SGA class (see class info on right) on your course selection card (see below for detailed info)
  4. Wait to hear from us.  We will contact you to schedule an interview.  (Interviews will not be until April)  Interviews will be observed by student peers and teacher.
  5. After your interview, we will contact and inform you if you have been accepted in the Leadership program.  Please note that decisions will be made based on interview, application, peer panel, peer & teacher reviews, class observation/performance and selected resources.  (See Recommendation Letter for additional info)
  6. If accepted, we will have your schedule changed (if needed) before the 1st day of school.  Please note schedules are NOT final until the 1st day of school.

**Course Card Note: Selection of the leadership class will be completed AFTER course selection cards are due. However, the leadership class can be selected on your course card. Please make sure to select the correct class. (classes listed on right).  It is also important to select an alternative class.   After interviews and selections, a list is provided to Guidance of accepted students. Accepted students will be placed in the proper leadership class.  Students who are not accepted with be placed in their alternate choices.

Email Mrs. Nascimento @ [email protected]
Or stop by Room 146

***1st Year SGA Students***

Leadership Skills Development (SGA Newbies)

  • For first time Leadership students
  • Below application is for Cypress Bay students ONLY
  • Current 8th Grader students (see below for additional steps & info)
  • Major focus on developing leadership skills such as communication, time management, self-awareness, goal setting, project planning & management and more

Current CBHS Students

Current 8th Graders

See below for more info.

Application - Click Here

Due:  March 13th (11:59pm)

Recommendation Form - Click Here

Due:  At info mtg/interview; date: TBA

Acknowledgement Form - Click Here

Due:  At info mtg/interview; date: TBA

Applications - Click Here
Due: March 8th (11:59pm)
Due:  At info mtg/interview; date TBA

Acknowledgement Form - Click Here

DueAt info mtg/interview; date TBA

***2nd, 3rd & 4th SGA Students***

Leadership 2, 3 & 4 (SGA Veterans)

  • Must have completed the SGA Newbie class - see above 
  • 1st year Vets (Leadership Techniques)
  • 2nd year Vets (Leadership Strategies)
  • 3rd year Vets (Approaches to Leadership)
  • Major focus on demonstrating leadership skills and techniques
  • Project planning and management
  • Class Requirements
Vet Application
(returners only)

Application - Click Here

Due:  February 22nd (11:59pm)

Recommendation Form - Click Here

Due:  February 22nd (2:45pm)

8th Graders - Application Process

  1. Complete the online application:  Applications - Click Here
  2. Applications must be submitted by March 13th (11:59pm)
  3. Download the teacher recommendation form (follow instructions on form):   Download Here
  4. Download the acknowledgment form (complete & sign by you and your parent(s)):  Download Here
  5. Attend the mandatory informational meeting/interview.  We will visit your school on the below dates.  While we are there, we will give information about the SGA class, have a short meeting/interview with each applicant.  During the meeting/interview, we are interested in learning more about you.  We will also collect the teacher recommendation form & acknowledgement form.
  6. After the meeting/interview, we will contact and inform you if you have been accepted in the Leadership class.
  7. If accepted, we will have your schedule changed (if needed)

Interview/Meeting Dates:
  • Falcon Cove MS:   date not set; check back
  • Tequesta Trace MS:   date not set; check back

Got questions?  Email Mrs. Nascimento @ [email protected]

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