The Basics

Saturday, November 2nd

7pm - 11pm


Inside (Gym) & Outside (Courtyard)


Who is allowed to attend?
  • This event is open to EVERYONE at Cypress Bay HS.  Students are also allowed to invite a guest (who are under 21) who has graduated or from other schools.

What should I wear?

  • No need for the traditional, fancy dress or pants/button-down.  Have fun!  Be creative!  Wear your best music festival-inspired outfit.
  • See below for some inspirations

Does everyone need to complete a permission form?
  • YES!  Everyone purchasing a ticket must complete a permission form BEFORE purchasing a ticket.  Forms are located for download to the right.  All CBHS students should complete the "Student Form"; all other people (non CBHS) will complete the "Guest Form". 

What is my ticket?
  • If you purchased a ticket, all you need is your student ID!  We will have a database of all ticket holders and will check you with your ID.  Guests MUST have IDs as well!


How do I purchase a ticket?    Follow these steps...

Step #1


Print & Download a Permission Form.

You MUST have a completed form with you to purchase a ticket.

Step #2

Step #3

Clear your obligations.

We will be checking each student's record when you purchase a ticket.

Purchase a ticket!  Cash Only!

LAST CHANCE!  Visit Room 148 on MONDAY, OCT. 28th | 7:30am - 1:30pm to purchase your ticket.  You must have your permission form with you!

Outfit Inspirations!