What is Student Government Association?

SGA is an organized group of students that's main purpose is to represent the opinions and desires of the student body.  The SGA promotes school pride and spirit, academic achievement, citizenship, and leadership development. 

Its acts as a liaison between the student body and the school's administration.  The SGA promotes involvement by the largest number of students possible in a wide range of positive student activities in both the school and community.

How do you get involved?

There are many ways you can get involved...

  • Apply to be in the Student Government Class  Click here for more info.
  • Attend an SGA Meeting  (check the Calendar for dates)
  • Become an SGA Representative  (each 1st period class will have elect an SGA representative) 
  • Join a committee  (visit 147 to find out how)
  • Participate in an SGA-hosted activity or event  (click on the Event Calendars  for more details)

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