Run for Homecoming Court!

Freshmen Prince/Princess

Sophomore Prince/Princess

Junior Prince/Princess

Senior King\Queen

EXTENSION...Last call for Candidate forms!

Due by Monday 10/2 by Noon- Room 146

(please ignore dates on form)

Voting will take place Tuesday-Wednesday

Download your form below!  Must be TYPED & NOTARIZED!

Everyone attending MUST complete & turn in a form by Sept. 29 to Room 146

*For CBHS Students Only*

*For Non-CBHS Students Only*

Do I have to turn in a permission form before buying a ticket?

  • No, but we prefer that you do.  You can buy a ticket before turning in a form.  Completed & notarized forms are due by Sept. 29th to Room 146.  Download a form by clicking on the link above.  Complete your form ASAP - beat the rush!

How can I purchase a ticket to homecoming?
  • You have two options:  You can pay online OR you can purchase a ticket during all lunches in Room 146 cash only.
  • EVERY person who attends homecoming needs a ticket (CBHS students AND guests)

Do you need a physical ticket to get into homecoming?
  • No.  There is no physical ticket.  Just bring your photo ID to the dance.  Photo ID:  license, driver's permit, school ID, passport are all accepted.  BOTH students AND guests MUST have their ID to get in.

Who should use a guest form?
  • Anyone who does NOT attend Cypress Bay HS.  A guest can be a student from another school or HS graduate (as long as they are 21 or under.)

Where is the homecoming dance?
  • Westin Ft. Lauderdale Beach Resort | 321 N. Ft. Lauderdale Beach Blvd. | Ft. Lauderdale